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New Belizean sauce hits the market

There is a new sauce on the shelves. Eliom Ellis and Hortence Young have started the production of their sauce, Fibber’s Sauce.  They told us more.

Eliom Ellis – Business owner

We have two flavors, the original and the hot and spicy. These are for the pepper lovers these are for the people for your chicken, beef, pork, salads you can put it on there; it’s a multipurpose sauce. This sauce replaces all other sauces. If you have this you don’t need a barbecue sauce, you don’t need a ketchup and you don’t need a dressing for your salads so it’s everything in one little bottle. So that’s what stands out among so many other things and most of all its good and nice on almost every other thing.”

Hortense Young – Business owner

“It‘s like they have been waiting for it for many years and they are excited. To emphasize a bit this sauce has been around for 12 years and like Mr. Ellis mentioned because of the demands for it over the years people have been asking when they would get it in stores and now it’s finally here and we are excited by the fact that we are doing something great for our country.

Fibber’s Sauce is being distributed across the country.