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New Building for the Coast Guard = Enhanced Operations

This morning the Coast Guard of Belize held a handing over ceremony for a new building that the Embassy of the United States constructed on their compound. Admiral John Borland stated that the building was much needed to accommodate the operations of the Coast Guard and their expanding personnel.


“Today marks another milestone achievement in the short history and development of the Belize Coast Guard. 4 years ago we began discussions for the construction of a maintenance facility to be used to the servicing of coast guard vessels but after much consideration and deliberation we decided that due to the lack of space for future development here on deck whatever it was that we build here had to be more than just a maintenance workshop. The idea was sold to SouthCom which happens to be our greatest partner and in due time we got the approval to build this facility. In fact this facility fits so well in the grander scheme of things that it now allows the Coast Guard the opportunity to continue it’s growth and development as outlined in the Coast Guard Long Term strategy. As we all know we have kind of grown out of our shoes in personnel where the infrastructure seems to be lagging behind  to accommodate the manpower. This brand new state of the art facility now takes care of some of those issues. The facility is built to accommodate up to 100 sailors. It will also house the new coast guard conference facility and medical center. It will also provide space for the fleet commander and his staff, the three sector commanders, the fleet registry and station Belize City out of which we will launch short range patrols and operations.”

US Ambassador, Carlos Moreno stated that the building is part of the United States Southern Command initiatives in Belize to protect sea shores. It came at a cost of two point two three million US dollars.


“This particular impressive maintenance facility construction cost was approximately two and a quarter million US dollars and that was what we were dedicating here this morning. We are also providing about a half million dollars in terms of replacement parts and other engines and so forth that go hand in hand to assist the coast guard and the purpose of this is part of our regional strategy and partnership with the Belizean government and particularly the Coast Guard to protect the shores of Belize from things like trafficking in persons, transnational organizations that transport drugs and other illegal substances so we are hoping that this kind of facility will enhance the capacity of the coast guard to protect the Belizean shore.”


“Would that also include territorial integrity?”


“Of Course, the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belize on this portion of the border that runs the reef and the Caribbean Ocean.”

The construction of the building began in July 2014 and finished last month.