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New City Administration reviews contracts at City Hall

Since their win on March 7, Mayor Wagner has kept busy in his new office. Today he told the media that since they took over office, they have found that the council saw an increase in expenditure, especially in the period leading up to elections. This is something that is now being closely looked at; but that’s not necessarily an accusation of wrongdoing. Wagner says they have not found any proof of such, at least not yet, but there is still much more to review in the council. Also of interest to the new City administrators are the contracts that were issued by former mayor Darrell Bradley as their term in office neared its end.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “That represented the same contracts that I spoke about were the contracts that were given to some of the management officers. As a professional I felt that was an act of bad faith, you never give out contracts if you are demitting office. I’ve spoken to several mayors that held this office they say that essentially six months towards an election they cut off all capital projects, they don’t renew any contracts it’s a sort of sailing through type of business that you do. But for the previous mayor to put his employees in a situation where now they are being scrutinized I think was poor judgment. We will continue to look at how that matter can be worked out or resolved but certainly it was an act of bad faith and we will take it from there.”

And that leads to the question of trust at the City Hall. What is the atmosphere looking like at City Hall with employees of the former administrators? Apparently it has not been very easy.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “It’s an ongoing challenge when I came in here last week I spoke to the managers and I gave them my word, they clearly betrayed me to some sense given the leaked memo that was leaked from them. I have asked the current City Administrator to find out who perpetrated that act because where I come from that is grounds for dismissal immediately. I have given her that task to provide some sort of update on that matter and as soon as we get that we will have to address that matter. But clearly it was an indication where those people are telling me ‘I’m unwilling to work with you.’ and we’ll have to take it from there.”