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New Civic to be completed ahead of schedule

CIVIC – that is the name that will be given to the multipurpose, multiuse structure that is currently being built where the old Belize Civic Center use to be. The project started in 2015 with a budget of thirty two million dollars. The contract was awarded to Medina’s construction in association with International Environment Limited. The media was taken for a tour of the new structure today and it was led by architect Daniel Arguelles.

Daniel Arguelles – Architect
“With that thirty two million, the building occupies or serves about three purposes; hurricane shelter, multifaceted entertainment facility, it can host concerts, boxing, entertainment type venues, conventions and of course basketball, volleyball sporting venues. And that is FIBA standard programs. We have three indoor courts that can host intramurals locally. We have four locker room facilities in the event we have more than just two teams coming into play in Belize. The capacity of the building is about four thousand five hundred seated. We have about room for five hundred standees or more and I am being conservative and for a concert we can host about five thousand people total easily.

“And that is with people standing on the court?’

Daniel Arguelles – Architect
“That is with people standing on the court, whereas the court won’t be damaged because we have included to have a doable covering that comes with the system approved by FIBA as well to protect the court so that we don’t have to go through disassembling or reassembling of any sort. So in this project in particular there was little to no unforeseen because of the design intent that we had from the vision we had from the start so with that said we could have balanced the equation from design whether or not we use steel frame structure versus concrete or a combination of the two which is in this case what we did and with that we were able to accomplish building that is designed to withstand earthquake seismic activity in this region. Hurricanes up to category five and encapsulate most of all the accessories that is needed to run an operation like this meaning the business factor. The building has to be operated and designed in a manner that it will foster business and in doing so, we anchored tenancy opportunities, microbusiness opportunities and in and outside the building opportunities so that the generation of business can make this project work.”

Arguelles says they are expecting to complete Civic by September, three months ahead of schedule and within budget.