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New Classrooms for Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC) is growing. The institution has constructed a new building today at the cost of over six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The building was needed as the student population was utilizing some of the high school’s classrooms in the evening to compensate for the growing demand for an education at that institution. The building was named in honor of Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio. We spoke to members of the school administration as well as Bishop Nicasio about the ten classrooms which have been added to SHJC.

Rocio Carballo President, Sacred Heart: “Well this is a dream come true for our Junior College and I can say that we began preparations for this and discussions on this early last year and in the month of June we began the actual trenching of everything that needed to be done for the building and today February the 15th we actually see it becoming a reality and we are having the inauguration of a brand new ten class room building with bathroom facilities for males and females as well as the top floor and the bottom floor as well as we have bathroom facilities for our special needs students as well at both male and female at the bottom and the top floor.

Lysandro Quiroz Chairman: “ We definitely had the need to broaden this facility in order to accomodate our students and to also be able to expand with new programs.”

Reporter: “So how long has this planning been in the works?”

Lysandro Quiroz Chairman: “Less than a year ago we started talking about it, early last year we started seriously discussing the possibility of making this construction come true.”

Reporter: “And how does it feel now that it is actually here?”

Lysandro Quiroz Chairman: “It is great because I am a central part of that planning and execution and now we are going to inaugurate and pass it on for adequate use.”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “I congratulate the Roman Catholic management for their aggressiveness in getting things done. This is as you heard has been a long standing dream of the sixth form here and I came just to give them that support and congratulations to them.”

Fermin Magana Dean SHJC: “Apart from inaugurating this new building we are renaming the new buildings for the present and the past Bishop Dorick Wright and Eric Nicasio. When it comes to the programs we are very excited with the early childhood program that we have in education which is first for this area. We are doing a partnership with Campbell’s University and with Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College and that program is really the new one. We have exciting plans for a revamped I.T. program and we also are hoping to have our architectural program running very soon. “

Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio: “I am here to bless it, my name has been put on this building in the hall. I am humbled by this act of the school.”

Reporter: “How do you feel about that?”

Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio: “I am humbled because I am not a person that usually likes my name on things. I like to help out, I like to be in the background but there are times as well you have to step up front and lead and as a Bishop that is a major part of my role as leader of this church and also be a Diocesan. The Bishop is the owner of all the Diocesan High School and schools in the country of Belize.”

Reporter: “So how closely have you worked with this school in the past?”

Bishop Lawrence Sydney Nicasio: “I am going to complete two years in May and I have come and seen, looked around, celebrated mass and I purposely after I became Bishop wanted to come to Sacred Heart because it has always been a school that is important to our diocese from way back from Bishop Martin and Bishop Dorick Wright time.”

SJCJ intends to expand its programs in technology and in architecture, in the near future.