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New Commander of Eastern Division North takes up post

As the new Commander of the Eastern Division North settles in, he is also taking notes. That is because he is studying the area so as to develop his plan for the area. Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody says this is his third time in Belize City. He first worked at the City as a police constable in the early nineties and upon his second term he served as a deputy commander in the patrol branch. Now that he has taken up Command, he says he is making sure he takes the right steps.

Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody – OC, Eastern Division North
“At this present moment, the environment is much different so first of all I am trying to find out what all is on the ground, what is working and what is not working but the first thing I look at is discipline within our department. I believe that it is very important for officers to carry themselves and have certain discipline and they should have that then definitely they will be a better police officer. We look at customer service. It is so sad that we have people that come into the station and they don’t get the service that they deserve and the attention in a swift manner so that is one of the areas that I look at as well. Very important is a proactive way of operations. Conducting several operations per week within my area of responsibility and that does not only mean in precinct three and four due to the fact that I am in charge of the Cayes as well so definitely we will do operations in all the areas that I am responsible for.”