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New Commissioner of Police will focus on three areas to tackle crime

On Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was officially installed. The New Commissioner takes over the helm of the Belize Police Department at a critical time as the wave of major crimes, particularly murders, continue to plague several communities. In a rare occurrence, violence reared its ugly head on Sunday night at Mahogany Street when three armed men held up a business couple and took their teenage daughter hostage. Commissioner Williams was there and lead his team of officers in that situation and successfully negotiated the release of the teenager, capturing the perpetrators. But what’s next when it comes to curbing the crime situation in the country? The Commissioner said he wants to focus on three key areas.

“Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Indeed to much is given and much is deserved and I know that the Belizean people hold me in high regards and they are expecting a lot from me. I am not going to say that I am going to fulfill every expectation but I can assure the Belizean people that under my administration we will ensure we do the best to tackle the crime problem and we are going to do that working in partnership with the communities and the other organization both Government and non Governmental. We are going to focus on three areas to address the crime issue: gangs, domestic violence and nightclubs. When we look at our murder rates the three major causes of murder last year were gangs, domestic violence and disputes that start at night clubs and end up in fatalities so if we want to make a dent we have to focus on those three areas and we have met myself and my management team. We are putting together the crime fighting strategy, not throwing out what Mr. Wylie has started because what he did was good one, we are going to build on that and see what we can do to be able to ensure that we come up with the right recipe to attack the crime problem. No matter what we do we cannot stop all murders but we are going to ensure that we do our best to reduce the murder rate in Belize.”