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New compactor truck for Belmopan City Council

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Today the management and staff of the Belmopan City Council gathered to witness the handing over of a brand new garbage compactor to the Belmopan City Council. Mayor Khalid Belisle explained how this compactor will be of good use to Belmopan.

Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan

“Handing over to the Municipal Department this brand new garbage compactor acquired via the proceeds of a municipal bond that our council had floated. Much needed and long overdue to the city so that we can continue to serve residents in terms of household garbage collection. It comes at the cost of $150,000 Belize dollars, it took us a little while to get here but we are extremely happy that it is now finally here. We had been experiencing a little problem here and there in terms of collection of yard refuse in particular because one of our compactors for house refuse had gone down on us and now we are able to fully turn the focus and attention on our open back trucks back to yard refuse because of the introduction of this new compactor on the household refuse detail and so residents of Belmopan can look forward to continued good service in terms of their garbage collection and improved service. We are actually hoping for trying to expand service into the periphery to twice a week as opposed to the once a week. There is another garbage truck that is being sourced at this time of course that one would come from the proceeds of the Japanese government and so we will just continue to work towards better service for residents of Belmopan and that is what we can continue to look forward to.

Tell us about the maintenance of this truck.

Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan

“Yes, certainly we have an agreement with the company that had sourced the vehicle for us, Caribbean Motors, in terms of providing continued maintenance and servicing of the truck so that we can ensure as long a life as possible in terms of use and operation for the city of Belmopan.”