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New Compol will not be intimately involved in gang interventions

Today is the first day that Chester Williams is serving as the Commissioner of Police. He received a few words of encouragement from the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security Elodio Aragon and also mentioned that while he moves onto a more strategic role in the police department, he will not be focusing on gang interventions as before.

Elodio Aragon Jr. Minister of State, Ministry of National Security: “Great work from Chester Williams and then definitely he has the support from the Ministry, from the Government because we want to see a reduction in crime, we want to see a number of things happen this year and definitely the outgoing commissioner has served his country, he has served his Police Department and we wish him well but we look forward now towards the work that Chester Williams will do for the Police, the involvement and what he will bring to the Police Department and  definitely the Ministry is there to support him in this challenging task before him.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “ I want to assure the Belizean people that going forward I will work tirelessly night and day to ensure that as a Department we do our utmost best to ensure that law and order always prevail. My main area of focus will be on reducing murders and that will be done through concentrating on gangs and domestic violent issues because those are the two leading causes of murders in our country and I believe that if we can address those adequate issues especially in Belize City then we should be able to see a significant reduction in our murder count come the end of the year 2019 so I know that I am taking over at the helm of the Department at a time where it is difficult one would say but I don’t see it as a task that is not capable of achieving. I will tell you I feel confident with my supporting staff and we will be meeting over the course of the next couple days to look at developing policies and the way forward and when that is done we will then be meeting with the general body to be able to explain to them what the new course will be for the Belize Police Department so I am very much optimistic that we will do well and the Belizean people can be assured that while I might not do what they expect me to do I will ensure that whatever I do is in the best interest of the people I am sworn to serve and the people of Belize.

Jose Sanchez: “Commissioner Williams will you still be doing interventions with the gangs, will you still be as public with your comments?”

Commissioner of Police Chester WIlliams: ”I do have a facebook page, I will not be as active on it yes but I will continue to be on facebook because on facebook I do get a lot of information and it apprises me at times of things that are occuring within the public and based on that then I would normally act as it relates to doing interventions and I will not be engaged in those activities. I will liaison a lot with CYDP, Mr. Nurey, Mrs. Finnegan and see how they can coordinate. What I want to see us do is to work hand in hand with CYDP and other agencies who will be able to assist us in reducing murders and I would want to see a homicide reduction unit within the CYDP which comprises of members of CYDP and police officers who will work with the different gangs to be able to foster peace among them with a view to minimize tension and make our city more safe.”