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New Defence CEO updates the media on the BDF helicopter crash

It has been nine months since four soldiers of the Belize Defence Force died in a helicopter crash in southern Belize.  Authorities in the Ministry of National Security were not very forthcoming with information regarding compensation to the families or the conclusion of the investigation.  The recently installed CEO for the new Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, Retired Brigadier General Dario Tapia says he too is still awaiting full disclosure on the incident.

Dario Tapia, CEO, Ministry of National Defense and Border Security: “I will be provided a copy of the report by the Admiral Borland who conduct the investigation and then I will be able to fully be aware of what transpired. I could tell you that the families have received a form of compensation already and whatever else that we need to provide to the family will be provided.”

The four soldiers who died were Majors Adran Ramirez and Radford Baizar along with two crew members, Corporals Reinaldo Choco and Yassir Mendez.  The men were reportedly a part of a drug plane surveillance team when they crashed into a lagoon near the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary on February 27.