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New Director to Be Installed Shortly for Immigration

The last we heard in terms of the Director for Immigration, is that Maria Marin was only operating as Acting Director and that someone would be named shortly to fill the post.  Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse told Love News today that a long time employee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be taking up the position in the near future.


“There’s some names around. The name that’s surfacing is Diana Locke; I think she will assume the position. As you know over the last two years Mrs. Marin has acted and again Immigration has gone through its morphication in trying to bring it up to a department that will serve the public really really well and of course try to avoid any scams or activities that seem to have surrounded the mention of the Department of Immigration unfortunately, very unfortunate. However, yes, we should have a new Director at some time within the near future.”

The last Director had in the Immigration Department was Ruth Meighan who left in 2013.  Since then Marin has been acting in that capacity.