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New equipment will improve efficiency

Today, the Belize Natural Energy Trust handed a little over twenty-six thousand dollars in computer and security cameras to the Prosecution Branch. Handing over the equipment on behalf of BNE Trust was Director and Trustee, Attorney David Morales while Superintendent Carol Tucker, Officer Commanding Prosecution Branch received the equipment on behalf of the Prosecution Branch.  Love News spoke with Morales who shared how the equipment will help the department.

David Morales, Director, BNE Trust

“Everyone knows a higher conviction rate equals a lower crime rate so maintaining the integrity of these exhibits will actually ensure that the prosecution branch can now successfully execute these cases. In addition to that given the new criminal procedure rules, there is more burden added to the prosecution branch in that they have to deal with things in a timely manner. These new computers will assist them to deal with that more effectively so the infrastructure is more important and that is how come we are here today and we are happy to do this.”

For her part, Tucker said the equipment will be put to good use.

Superintendent Carol Tucker, Officer Commanding Prosecution Branch

“Well in our office we have the records section that updates all records when it comes to the new matter, we do our annual statistics, our daily statistics from all the different precincts and the formations and we submit that to Belmopan. Some of the districts don’t have a computer so they have to be borrowing from the other areas to update the system which creates a problem and we have a backlog when it comes to the prosecution and the updating of their system.”

Tucker said that the computers will be distributed to the prosecutors in Punta Gorda, Independence, San Pedro and Belmopan and to Records and the Supreme Court in Belize City.