New Executive for the NTUCB

New Executive for the NTUCB

A new executive for the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) was elected this past weekend during the 57th Annual General Meeting in Orange Walk Town. The event was held under the theme “Empowering Workers, Strengthening Communities, and Resilience in Change” and saw the election of six new members. The umbrella organization’s President, Luis Luke Martinez, spoke about the additions and how they will complement the existing team. 

Luis Martinez, President, NTUCB: “We had our two day AGM. First day we took care of our business session and on the second day we had elections for officers as well as that is where we decide our other decisions for example resolutions. We had elections for several posts that were vacant. So for example our first vice president post was vacant, the general secretary post was vacant, treasurer, auditor, councilor and a trustee and we filled those posts. The first vice president is Brother Jorge Mejia who is the acting president of the BNTU but Jorge is not stranger to the NTUCB. Actually he was our treasurer all the while on our executive so he continues to be an executive member. The general secretary was brother Tate and so he remains as our general secretary. Our treasurer is brother Shane Reneau he is a new member of the executive. Sharon Frazer she has always been around the National Trade Union Congress she is also a new member of this executive. Councilor Karim Thompson is one of our newest members. He adopted a new name at that AGM also, he was calling for new blood and so he has been put to task to join the executive and also Roy Briceno from the KHMH union who is also a very new member of our executive. As usual the National Trade Union Congress moves on under my leadership. The transition is always a very smooth transition.”

Martinez added that the executive is expected to have their first meet in the coming weeks.

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