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New Fire Engines and Station Upgrades

The National Fire Service could definitely put to good use some funds from BNE but it is getting some charity from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). In early August, a massive fire in the Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye leveled six homes and displaced 109 residents. It took the community to assist the Fire Service to get the inferno under control. The disaster raised questions about the readiness of the National Fire Service on the island that is built as a tourism hub for the country. Today, Minister of NEMO, Edmond Castro expressed some joy to report that San Pedro will get two trucks and the fire stations in other parts of the country, including San Pedro will be refurbished.

Edmond Castro, Minister of NEMO: “I am here to report today that we will be receiving two trucks for  San Pedro. I think BTL is purchasing both trucks. One is coming from England the tanker one, the pretty red one is coming from England and the other 3,000 gallon water truck that will aid in the fight of the fire process will be coming from the US. Both trucks they already received their invoices so it’s just a matter for those equipment to be purchased, put on the ship and get here in Belize. The refurbishment of the fire station in Dangriga, the living quarters in San Pedro, the fire station in Independence has recently been repaired and we are trying our best to upgrade most of the facilities nationwide as it relates to making the firemen and women more comfortable. So we are trying our best from the fire department to put in our pound to make sure that they work very hard and they must be well rested and be there to fight fire. What we are doing is we are getting the quotes for some portable water pumps and we are getting the quotes from the Fire Chief that will go to the Ministry of Finance for us to purchase additional 3,000 gallon water trucks that will aid in the fighting of fire nationwide. We are looking at approximately six and ten water trucks with 3,000 gallon capacity. When you look at a 3,000 gallon capacity the current water trucks that we have most of them carry 300 gallons so we are looking at boosting the amount of water to fight fire by tenfold. So in addition to those we are purchasing some portable pumps and those will assist with those especially on the islands but wherever we need them throughout the country we should have enough that we be able to rotate to assist in the fighting of fire.”