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New Fire Truck for Caye Caulker adds to Fire Service Capacity

The National Fire Service says it steadily building its capacity to respond to disasters across the country. The service yesterday received a new truck for Caye Caulker, thanks to the Denton Humanitarian Assistance Program. As we told you yesterday, the truck was brought to Belize on a U.S. Airforce C-17 and this is the first of two American military flights scheduled to transport emergency response vehicles to Belize this month. This donation was spearheaded by the late James York III and the Beechwold Christian Church from Columbus, Ohio. Fire Chief Colin Gillett told Love News that this is critical to the service’s work on the island. 

Colin Gillett, Fire Chief, National Fire Service: “The truck has a thousand gallon tanker on it which is very important in the work that we do so that we can maximize how much water comes out of that truck so we don’t have to stop and go and find additional water sources somewhere else so it’s gonna be very key to what we’re doing and the placement of it on the northern part of Caye Caulker where there are a lot more bigger hotels and resorts a lot of those buildings have what they call a fire connection which uses the pressure from the truck to pump the water so it’s gonna be very key for us to get all the connections fitted properly but they’re the ones spearheading all the work housing of the truck things like that in that area. So we’re very excited about this type of partnership that we’re working with them there.”