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New Head of Southside Police says interventions should be channelled through proper channels

This marks the third week since the transfers within the Police Department became effective. The shift at the Eastern Division South captured a lot of attention with Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal taking over command from Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. Williams had built a record quite his own and the gang intervention initiative saw him gain more recognition within the Belize City community. When he took over, Senior Superintendent Vidal said he was not going to be involved in the intervention efforts. Today, he maintains that position but says the department is conducting intelligence policing in problem areas to mitigate crime.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, EDS
“We are prioritizing our resources in areas that we see are problematic areas; reinforcing those areas and ensuring that we have adequate intelligence to deal with the problems there and we will continue to do so. In terms of any intervention mediation, there is an institution that is certified to do that which is the Conscious Youth Development Program and any other nongovernment organization that goes out there to intervene or mediate, we have no difficulty and they can continue to do that. I do believe though that when it is an individual effort there may well lie a personal agenda. So I believe that this has to be institutionalized, that it is an institution that is intervening and mediating so whilst individuals may want to do this in good faith, I think that at some point it has to be passed on to the institutions that are more apt to carry out those function.

“It sounds like you’re saying those unitary members of the mediation team, specifically Mr. Williams, Mrs. Finnegan and I know others rotating from time to time should link themselves to an institution rather than doing this thing as individuals.”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, EDS
“Right, I do agree with that.”