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New Health CEO Leaves After Less than a Week of Service

The Ministry of Health is without a Chief Executive Officer tonight. That’s because Doctor Lesbia Guerra, who was tapped to replace Doctor Deysi Mendez, will not continue. Her first official work day was on December 20, but Love News has confirmed that she will not be on the job much longer. As you will remember, Doctor Mendez left the post under less than pleasant circumstances close to the end of last year. When Doctor Guerra took office, she found generally the same difficult circumstances, and we understand that those undesirable circumstances were not some things she was willing to work under. It is a signal that one of the most important Ministries in government is facing a leadership conundrum, a problem that remains without an immediate solution. It should be noted that Doctor Guerra moved over to the Ministry of Health after she left under tempestuous circumstances at the Ministry of Natural Resources. So far, there is no indication on who will be Doctor Guerra’s replacement. An official statement from the government is still pending at news time. All this comes ahead of what it expected to be another challenging wave of COVID-19 infections, which have increased by 373 percent within the last week. On December 28, there were five hundred and seventy-three active cases; yesterday, the Ministry reported two thousand one hundred and forty. We will have the latest COVID-19 figures later in the news.