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Belize, Marvin Manzanero , Director of Health Services, Hospital

New Health Clinics Open Up

Healthcare continues to be one of the pressing issues as our population increases. That is why the Ministry of Health is opening two clinics on Monday, including one in Cristo Rey Village. Director of Health Services Marvin Manzanero explained why it was important to have these facilities installed and upgraded.

Marvin Mendoza Director of Health Services: “ It’s a new Clinic that is being opened in terms of physical infrastructure because previously there was a rented place and so it is an upgraded facility and it is going to be open next week Thursday and Friday and there is going to be the opening of a new facility namely Cristo Rey and that is also in the Corozal district so those two activities have been planned from last year and it gives the opportunity for the Ministry of Health staff from Headquarters to do a visit in terms of the facilities in the Corozal District.

Jose Sanchez: “Why is it important to have these clinics and how many people do you plan to serve and what sort of staffing do you have?”

Marvin Mendoza Director of Health Services: “Well Sarteneja only has a rural health nurse but we have visited that facility and it is a very nice space where we can eventually do mobile clinic or mobile outreach because it’s a community far from Corozal as it is so it does take a couple of hours to get there so it is a remote area and it is important in having a nurse there who is there 24/7. In terms of Cristo Rey that is closer to the main highway but that will be and NHI Clinic that has a catchment area behind the San Arsi Community so that is the relevance of those two entities. They are two separate entities and they have two different geographic locations but we are trying to bridge out and reach out to everybody.”

Manzanero says that they are also conducting blood drives for the depleted blood bank.