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New house for family from Black Man Eddy Village

Fem Cruz reporting…
Today Thursday July 13 is a memorable day filled with hope and joy for Rosita Rudon, a resident of Black Man Eddy village and a single mother of four. According to Rudon, they were living in their former accommodation for the past twelve years which has now fallen apart. Thanks to Jehovah God, today the family is celebrating the gift of a brand new house measuring twenty one by twenty four feet donated to them by Pastor Ron Brayton and Pastor Jack Crabtree and his team from the United States.

Pastor Ron Brayton
“One of the things that the Lord has told us to do is help families that need some housing and we’re very proud to present the keys to Ms. Rosita today and the house number ninety nine that Oasis Ministry has been able to give over to these home owners and it’s a real blessing from the Lord to have teams from the states come down with the funds and the talent and hard work to make this all possible so we’re very honored that house number ninety nine is complete and we give the keys over to Rosita today. “

Pastor Jack Crabtree
“We have twenty young men and women, some parents and children and we’ve been working this entire week. We’re not construction experts but with the help of Ron and Andrew and the Oasis team we’ve put together a beautiful house. We’re very glad to do this because we just know that a house is a special thing in a family’s history. A house really holds a family together and so we’re very glad to do this for Rosita and her children and to help change the history, the future of their family. This will be a place where their children will grow up to know God, to love God, to love each other.”

Rosita Rudon
“ I just want to thank God for letting Pastor Ron, the Oasis ministry, Mr. Jack and his team for building me a wonderful house. It’s been a long time that I have been praying for a house of my own and I am just so happy. “