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New Immigration Director Installed; Marin Moves to Refugees

On November 23, 2015, we first brought the story of Diana Locke being looked at to take up the post of Immigration Director.  Now, almost six months later, the announcement was made with Locke being confirmed to the post.  Love News spoke with Chief Executive Officer, Edmund Zuniga.


“Ms.Diana Locke who is a long standing public officer having served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years has now been appointed by the Public Service Commission as Director of Immigration effective the 29th of April. They are in the process of handling and taking over today. Ms.Marin has been substantively promoted from Director of Immigration and transferred to the position of director of refugees.”

Meanwhile, Maria Marin who has been acting as the Immigration Director has been named the Director of Refugees.  CEO Zuniga explained the transition.


“You know Ms. Marin has been acting in the post of director of immigration for the last three years, I think it was from February 2013 and she was holding the post as an acting director really and the Public Services Commission made her substantive appeasement a few days ago retroactive to when she started to act in 2013.”

Locke moves from Foreign Affairs after serving in that section for over two decades.