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New jobs at City hall?

But proper housing is but one of many issues Belize City residents, in particular PUP party supporters, will be looking forward to. The new City Council will be flooded with requests for jobs, especially from party supporters. How will Mayor Wagner handle the issue? He suggested there are options that can be looked at.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:

“No I don’t see it as my hands being tied I see it as an opportunity for me and my council to essentially serve our people. We are all about the people and we will continue to push that agenda. Certainly my people want jobs and that is what we are here for. We are here to provide jobs, maybe not necessarily in the council but if we are able to forge partnerships and be able to serve as that medium where jobs become accessible then we look at it but certainly within the council we are certain that we can facilitate some jobs for our people.”


“What is the issue with security of tenure, we know that that was big trust of the former mayor so that people would not be subject to the whims of election. How are you managing that.”

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:

“I continue to support that. I believe that the workers, the second tier and lower tier workers should be given that sort of tenure. I believe also that when a new council is put in office those that represented the past regime should take the high ground. It shouldn’t be a situation where I come for you it should be a situation where you come to me and say ‘listen I’m moving on.’ You saw that with Job Bradley he left and a couple others have indicated that the will leave.”

The Mayor also spoke on other matters which we will bring to you in our subsequent newscasts.