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New Labour Commissioner welcomed to the fold

The new Labour Commissioner, Ann Marie Thompson, was welcomed to the fold of the Ministry of Labour yesterday during a meeting of labour and employment officers.  The meeting was focused on engaging the department’s officers in a technical meeting to look at a way forward with more efficiency and improved services. Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Young, led discussions on the accomplishments, the programme of work for the new upcoming financial year and the way forward to deliver services expected of the Department. CEO Young expressed the importance of capacity building, teamwork, and the way it influences the portrayal of the Department’s mission and vision. She encouraged the team to continue to advance the agendas of inclusive growth, to promote productive employment, and strengthen social resilience.  Labour Commissioner, in her remarks expressed that she is fully on board to serve the public and the people of Belize. Together with her Labour Department team, she will continue to provide services that will enhance the Ministry and impact the productivity of the Department. During the meeting various Labour Officers who represent the Department on the various boards and committees such as Labour Advisory Board, Tripartite Body, the National Child Labour Committee, and the Temporary Work Permit Committee, presented on the partnership between the Ministry and the Committees and execution of key projects and commitments such as the work with the US Department of Labour and the International Labour Organization.