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New Legislation for Gangs Tested

The police department is about to test new legislation built to combat a set of criminals who have had significant influence on the country’s global murder per capita ranking. Police officers in Belize City witnessed an alleged gang member shooting at someone near Lindo’s Alley.  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams says that the suspect, Albert Wagner is making history as he is the first person to be charged with possession of a firearm for the purpose of gang activity.

DCP Chester Williams: Yesterday morning police was patrolling the area of Magazine Road when their attention was drawn to the apparent sound of gunshots going off. Police quickly responded to the area and upon doing so they saw a person known to them as Albert Wagner who had a firearm in his hand and was shooting at a resident. The police quickly moved after him and upon seeing the police he ran off; the police pursued him and they were able to catch him at the lane that leads of Vernon St. near its intersection with water lane. Upon capturing him; he threw the firearm at a house; the police were able to find the firearm. It was picked up and he was taken into custody along with the weapon and he have since be charged for kept unlicensed firearm and ammunition, discharging firearm in public. He is the first person now to be charged under the new Gang legislation for possession of a firearm for gang activity so he is the first and there will be more to follow when it comes to dealing with some of these young men who don’t want to listen. The Gang Legislation is a very tough piece of legislation. It has some very severe penalties and so once we have the evidence that we can proceed with charges under that piece of law, we are going to do so. It’s a very good case and police officers are the witnesses in this matter and so we are hoping that we will be able to follow through with a conviction of this matter.