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New Minister of Health Commits to Fixing the MOHW’s Poor Relationship with the Media

The media and the Ministry of Health have had a bumpy relationship over the past year with no point person to turn to for information and very little access to interviews or press conferences. It was challenging considering the Covid-19 waves that the country has and continues to endure. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as the new Minister of Health, Kevin Bernard has committed to improved relations with the media and better communication protocols.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness:  I think Doctor Melissa Diaz did an awesome great job and was very accessible to the media but I want to ensure that that is improved. Definitely I want to be able to see a face out there very often in fact what I have done and just to show you that I’m very committed to this I’ve created my own media chat group where I have invited the media houses to be part of my chat group because I want to build that relationship. I want them to understand that they can trust me and I can trust them and that we can dialogue and that must be translated also in the faces at the Ministry of Health. I shouldn’t be on the camera all the time answering these tough questions we have the technical people there and that is what I want to be able to see. So I do understand what the media was looking at in terms – what the general public had viewed as something that you know they had this face out there. There are a lot of qualified people in the Ministry of Health that can do that same thing and this is what our PR committee and my communication team will start to build to make sure that we always have a face out there that can answer the question and I’m looking at the right fit, the best fit that can be able to address that matter.”