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New OC Eastern Division South meets with Mayflower area residents

Today as Councilor Phillip Willoughby and Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal visited the Mayflower community the Commander met and spoke with the residents, among them, Khendis Flowers. He told us what their conversation centered on.
Khendis Flowers – Resident
“All we want is to uplift the area and uplift the youths in the community because the youths need a little job to uplift themselves because nothing is happening for those ghetto youths and they want to eat to. So if they put in little jobs for the youth they will have changes and if they cooperate with that it will happen. That is all that we want jobs. We don’t come here to give the man a hard time we are just here to make life easy for all of us.

“Have you given your commitment to him to continue working with him?”

Khendis Flowers – Resident
“Like I told the man we don’t want anyone feel that we are just putting this in place as a front, we are willing to work they are willing to work. Right now they are not picking up guns they are willing to work. They are comply with whatever they have in place for them to do.”

“What is he saying to you about the police side of things?”
Khendis Flowers – Resident
“Well as Mr.Vidal said as long as we keep in place the job that we have in mind his job is just to make sure we keep our word and like we said we will give the man our word.”