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New organization to be launched

Belize United for Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora, BUFERHD, will be launched tonight at “Friends of Friends Outback”, in Ladyville. The organization seeks to bring together Belizeans living at home and abroad to discuss issues of national importance. The movement has the support of the Most High Bishop Peter Morgan of Jamaica who spoke on the initiative this afternoon.

Most High Bishop Peter Morgan
“I am very excited about what is happening in Belize and I do believe that this is a very significant time for Belize. I am trusted that this weekend could be recorded as a historic moment for your people. One of the things that we will be featuring is the launched of Buffered and I think this is going to be a very notable event because I think all across the globe in these days the Diasporan movements are playing a very significant role in the development of nations and this has been seen over the many years and it is especially clear that the Caribbean peoples who have traveled and migrated all over the world, that they have never lost their attachment to the homeland. The Jamaicans, they have a very strong Diasporan movement as a matter of fact, this coming weekend they will have their biannual conference in Jamaica. And so when I heard that Mr. Aikman had initiated a movement amongst the Belizean Diasporans, I was very excited about it and we talked a lot about it and I read some of his material on it and I think that to bring the Belizeans who are overseas back into the development of what’s happening in the homeland could really go a very far way in encouraging development economically, socially and in so many different ways in your country. So our visit on this trip would in fact bring together through the arts and a very dramatic presentation which is being done by one of our churches in the Montego Bay area in Jamaica and they will be making that presentation over the next three days and at the same time I will take the opportunity to speak into the nation and to encourage Belize into their efforts to grow and develop as a people.

Performing tonight will be Hearts Ministry from Jamaica.