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New Police Association sworn in

The winning team in the Police Association elections held last week were sworn in today at Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the president and the vice president.

The winning team in the Police Association elections held last week were sworn in today at Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the president and the vice president.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The official swearing in ceremony for the new police association of Belize was held this evening at the police headquarters in Belmopan. Love News was there for the swearing in ceremony and spoke to the new president Sgt.Jane Usher.

Sgt.Jane Usher, President, Police Association: Well today we were brought to Belmopan and we met with the Commissioner of Police and his delegates to officially swear us in. It’s a very special occasion for us we swear to an oath to uphold the image and constitution of the department and the Police Association. We promise to look out for the welfare of the members of the rank and file for the police department and we will do exactly that. We have the interest of the members at heart, we want to work hard for them. We’re starting off small with small little gestures yesterday day we did a small father’s day token of appreciation to all the men who were serving and who were on duty yesterday and there’s just small little efforts we want to do for our members to know that we are here for them. 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Sgt. Jermaine Hyde, the Vice President, also spoke to Love News.

Sgt.Jermaine Hyde, Vice President,  Police Association: “So we were sworn in today and I was sworn in as the Vice Chairman and to all our membership we’d just like to let them know that we are willing and ready to work for them. We want to look out for the welfare issues of our police officers and looking forward to working along with the Commissioner of Police to address all the welfare issues of the police officers. So with that I would like to say thank you to all the police officer who voted for us in the elections and we’re ready to work for them.”

All is not fine when it comes to the association, however, as former president Eldon Arzu has filed an injunction to prevent the executive body from sitting in office. The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, believes that Arzu is simply not handling the loss of the presidential seat with grace.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I guess it’s just the way how he is, he’s never going to stop, he even wants to set aside the will of the majority of the officers who voted in that election including himself because he voted too. But as is normal we will defend the application. We believe that the election process was legal and his application would have no basis in law but it is his right to challenge whatever, anybody could challenge whatever before a court the question is what the outcome is going to be. You recall that one day before the election Mr.Arzu through his attorney put out a statement basically endorsing the election. Why will it be now after the election he lost that he is going to want to challenge the process. I guess he wanted to be appointed to serve another term the easy way without having to face the people. That would we like we have two major political parties and one says “You know what GG just endorse my cabinet and don’t have any elections, to hell with this other side.” it is tantamount to that.“