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New Police Recruits to Undergo Training at Academy in Belmopan

As the Belize police force grows, new recruits will need to undergo training before they are able to join the department. This training will be held at the training academy, in Belmopan, and will commence sometime in August. ComPol, Chester Williams, said that the training will be a 3 month process, followed by 6 months of field training.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “The training for them will be three months, we are trying to replicate what we saw in Jamaica where the recruits undergo training for three months and then they go out into the field to do practical for six months. They are then called back to the Academy to graduate based on performance, we will see how that works for us. The lesson notes that we would normally teach the recruits is a three-month lesson so we will be able to cover all the relevant areas that needs to be covered within that three months period. Then we will look at having the officers out in the fields to do the practical aspect of training.”

Williams also commented on how he hopes to eliminate officers who neglect their responsibilities, as well as those who abuse their power, from this new set of recruits.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “When they leave the academy they go into the hands of what you call a field training officer and the field training officer will then be the ones who will be guiding these recruits. These are officers that have been brought to the academy and are trained in the area of being a field training officer. That goes in line with what we are trying to do through the U.S. Embassy to ensure that the officer even after leaving the academy continues to be more relevant in terms of knowing what is being expected of them and being trained in the practical aspect of policing.”

There are one hundred and ninety new recruits.////