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New Programs … New Fees At UB

The University of Belize is offering new programs in the upcoming academic year but it will come with an increased cost.  According to the President, Clement Sankat, the new programs include Business Management, Medical Laboratory, Early Childhood Education, Pharmacy and Agriculture.  Sankat explained that the fees are necessary to keep the university operational.


“These are brand new programs and we are introducing fees that are still subsidized but different from the fees that were there since 2000. The fees at the University of Belize tuition has not increased since the beginning of the University, how are we going to run the university you heard the speech didn’t you? My position is that everyone should contribute to the wellbeing of the university because all the citizens and students and beneficiaries are beneficiaries but we have to do whatever we can do to make those who are less fortunate we have to create an enabling environment. But that is a discussion that is going to happen but it’s for the new programs at this time, the brand new programs.”

President Sankat noted that the university is having challenges with its budget and thus its efficiency is lacking.


“The reality is that the University cannot balance its budget that is the reality. So how are we going to balance this budget? As you heard me, everyone will have to contribute more while the university itself becomes more efficient and we try to reduce cost wherever possible. So all of us including the university has to contribute to the effort. So  I think you are hearing even in Trinidad with all the money that they had starting August students are going to pay fees. Barbados four years ago students are paying fees, Jamaica not so well endowed students have always been paying fees. University of Guyana recently increased their fees but we are all doing it in as humane a way as we can, in as tempered as a way as we can and the University of Belize’s fees are still extremely small compared to both internal and external universities and competition. I think you all know that better than me. UB is still value for your money but we are in difficult times and we have to make a difference here. We have to do things that are right but that are also fair.”

The University of Belize has been opened since 2000.