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New Public Service Union President speaks of way forward

Eldred Neal is the recently elected president of Public Service Union.  Neal told us that under his leadership the executive will continue following a strategic plan of action and will start on a campaign to get more members.

Eldred Neal – President, PSU

As an individual holding the office my personal priority is to ensure that there is a growth in terms of membership. We intend to do an intensive training as an executive so that we can understand our roll and from there on out adapt a light training for liaison officers to ensure that we have a representative within every office in the country. Since membership seems to be the only way that a union of this sort can maximize its resources.”

Neal explained that the PSU has not been getting much membership recently perhaps because of a misconception of the mission of the union.  He says he wants to change this.

Eldred Neal – President, PSU

I think because of the jaundice that exists that a union only needed a representation of folks who are seeking higher wages or individuals who will be having issues or grievances I think that is the jaundice that exists. We need to a better job from the executive letter to let  young women and man alike understand that in numbers there is strength and that whatever support we are seeking from them. Too often people fear become a part of organizations such as this solely because they seem to be out there too often antagonizing the system or seeking some kind of grievance. As a president in rule I have no need for any mischief as we can refer to it.”

The new elected officers include president Eldred Neal, Second vice-president Kenneth Mortis, Secretary general Nuri Castaneda, and councilors Tracey Gillett and Fayne Nicasio.

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