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New Revelations in the Fareed Ahmad Murder Investigation

The leaders of the Muslim Community in Belize met with the high command of the Belize Police Department this afternoon. Present for the meeting were Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington; CEO of National Security, George Lovell; Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, ACP Joseph Myvett; and ACP Chester Williams who is heading Ahmad’s murder investigation. The Muslim leaders organized the meeting to familiarize the Police with the indigenous history of Muslims in Belize, but the meeting was prompted by the murder of Fareed Ahmad. In their meeting with the department’s top brass, the Muslim leaders used the opportunity to seek answers into Ahmad’s murder investigation. Here is where we start our coverage of the meeting. Following Ahmad’s murder, a series of allegations against the Belize Police Department surfaced; one of the more serious is that his death was a state-ordered execution, bringing the Special Assignment Team under some heavy scrutiny. Today, the Department’s high command reiterated that this was not the case, and Minister Elrington also made some new revelations about the investigation, which were provided by the lead investigator, ACP Chester Williams.


Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs

“There is no evidence of state involvement in the death. It went on to say and I did not know that that it was actually the deceased who picked up the police corporal and that there is in fact a video of them being together, he suggested to me for a number of hours and that there was no indication during that course of time that any other person from any branch of the police was anywhere near mile 8 so that he was satisfied that based on the evidence that there is no indication that the state had anything to do with the death or that the police had anything to do with the death. He also made it clear to everybody that in fact police has requested of the BTL all the phone records both from the deceased as well as from the woman police officer and he has left the very clear impression that no stone is being left unturned to find out what the situation is. For my part I have offered to brother NuriI  told him I will be prepared if he can through the assistance of Brother Farrakhan, whom we both know and has a fairly extensive operation in the United States, if he can get through the assistance of brother Farrakhan an expert to come to Belize to look at what we have, to do investigationwe will have no difficulty. So that the family can be satisfied that no stone is being left unturned to deal with this matter.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Does the police maintain then that the officer acted alone?”


Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs

“Yeah, that is what the evidence is showing. There is absolutely no evidence that anybody else acted with her and there is absolutely no evidence that when she acted she acted in the capacity of police officer. At this time absolutely no evidence- and the latest evidence that Chester gave is that she was actually picked up by the deceased and there is a suggestion that before she was picked up by the deceased that there was a discussion on the phone between the deceased and the police woman a conversation part of which was overheard by am member of the family of the deceased.”


Nuri Muhammad

 “No its the other way around, he was talking with his wife on the phone and his wife said that she overheard in the background him saying something to the effect that ‘you nohwah drive with me.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Has the department established the relationship between the deceased and…”


Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“That is still in progress, matter in progress. Actually I was told that the phone of the deceased had been given to the police and then one of the police officers gave it back without in fact getting instructions from the commissioner or anybody else sso I would want to ask the family to kindly give it back to the police so that all steps can be taken to find out what is on the phone.”

But what of the damning text messages, which again are still left to be authenticated?  Minister Elrington says that part of the investigation is making progress as the request from BTL is being processed and will be made public once received.