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New Roads in the works for Sant Elena

The twin towns of Santa Elena and Santa Elena towns will be getting rehabilitation works done on its pavement and drainage system valued close to seven million Belize dollars with a partial funding from the Caribbean Development Bank.  (VO STARTS) Today, the Ministry of Works and Transport signed the contract with Belize Roadway Construction Limited which will be carrying out the road works. Works will be done along the George Price Highway between Three Flags and Loma Luz Boulevard, on Liberty Street and near the Hawksworth Bridge. Belize Roadway Construction Limited have been tasked in constructing concrete box drains, sidewalks with roadside curbs and runoff channels, installing road furniture and road user safety features such as line markings, signs and lighting. The work is expected to begin immediately and Government says that it will offer job opportunities for the unemployed of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns.