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New Security Features for Nationality Certificates

Many of the 36 men and women who swore allegiance to Belize during Tuesday afternoon’s swearing in ceremony are the first to hold nationality certificates bearing the new security features. Director of Immigration Diana Locke told Love News that the department had been working on the new features for some time and these have now been incorporated not only on the nationality certificates but on other documents as well.


“We have incorporated the picture into the certificate and if you would note this is almost similar to what we have on the pages of our passport. It contains security features which are visible under ultraviolet light and what we’ve done is basically kept the same format of the same certificate its just the paper that has been redone and then we have the security features on it. If you notice they will carry a serial number so they are a controlled item they can’t be manufactured so easily. We not only moved this document into security serial number issues we have actually done all of our permits, student permits, dependent permits, stamps everything. We’ve moved away from the wet stamps and we’ve moved to serial number documents so we are changing over everything hopefully as a revenue control measure, security purposes to do more.”

A few of the new naturalized Belizeans received their certificates in the old format which are still valid and holders can still legally apply for a Belizean passport with those certificates.