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New Speaker looks to keep order in the House of Representatives

Laura Longsworth has taken over the reins within the National Assembly as she assumed the post of House Speaker. Longsworth presided over her first session last week. Over the last few years the House meetings have been known for the fiery exchanges . Today we asked Longsworth how she will maintain order during her tenure.

Laura Longsworth – House Speaker

“I think the community has to continue to insist that the house maintains a certain level of  decorum and what I intend to do is use these rules that are there, they are straight guidelines that are there but we also need to remember that there are 31 people in there and everybody wants to have a say because they are elected members and they have a constituency they represent and so they have to make a good showing for the TV and also for the people that they serve. But it’s a bigger thing than that, it’s an opportunity for the elected members to really speak to the issues that are affecting the community and maybe perhaps over time we can reduce the noise so that the business of the house can get more preference. I would also like to see, and I think I alluded to it when I took over, that the media takes time to pay attention to the standing orders and the constitution because when there is trouble in the house we should be using the standing orders and the constitution to really analyze what occurred so that the community can know that there is a law and there is a law for instance if there is somebody that is not doing what they are supposed to be doing, somebody that is accused of giving an opinion those things are not, the standing orders are clear, you don’t give an opinion you ask a question and those kinds of things.”

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