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New sporting complex to open in September

Very soon, sports enthusiasts will have an additional venue to play the favourite sport of their choice.  The new sporting facility is being built behind the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City. On Saturday, the Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber, told Love news that the facility is being funded by Mexico.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Sports: “It is a $5,000,000 U.S. gift from the Government and people of Mexico to Belize and it is almost completed and so we are just putting on some finishing touches. In another month or so we should be able to have the official opening and once that is done then the disciplines of volleyball and basketball will have that facility at their disposal. The Civic is for multipurpose but it is not for the everyday regular use and practice of the volleyball and basketball players so what is expected of the Belize Mexico Sporting Complex as it will be called is that the volleyballers and the basketballers could have a more relaxed setting, one that is easily accessible by their disciplines.”

Faber said that the sporting complex will be opened in September.