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New Teacher’s Union Formed

Today, we saw another teachers’ union in action in Belize City. They are based in Orange Walk District and they are called the Belize Progressive Teachers’ Union. It is a small union consisted of about sixty members but President Aldo Novelo told Love News that they needed to show their solidarity with the Joint Unions.

Aldo Novelo, President, BPTU: “Right now we are out here because the members which are also teachers want to be out here also to show solidarity, show their discontent that they need to have good governance, they need certain things implemented by the government. So that is why we are out here trying to make a difference also, working along with the other unions and supporting the joint unions 100%.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: How many members does the union have and how many showed up today ?

Aldo Novelo, President, BPTU: “Well we have roughly about sixty members right now. I can say we have at least twenty five of them out here and we are happy that we’re out here. It’s one of the times that our union has shown more support. We have members that are also supporting us you know but everybody supports in their own manner and their own way. Some of them are not going to school, some of them are at home showing solidarity with us also. You know everybody shows support in one way or the next and we have to respect that.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  So is it that the Progressive Teachers Union is on strike as well ?

Aldo Novelo, President, BPTU: “Yes we have members that are on strike right now and it’s an ongoing strike along with BNTU and now PSU and I understand that APSSM also has joined.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  How important is it for your union whether it be only a small union from Orange Walk but how important is it for you to join in the battle for good governance ? 

Aldo Novelo, President, BPTU: “Well it is important you know because at the end of the day just seeing one or two, three unions out here that is why people and even the government might say that it is insignificant what we’re doing however the more people join, the more organizations the stronger the movement will be. So I urge all organizations, associations, unions to come out and show support.”