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New Union Formed ?

This morning, a new organization, calling themselves UPAD, also — in a small way – participated in a demonstration through the city’s principal streets. The organization’s Philip “Fawda” Henry spoke to us this morning at the Constitution Park.

Phillip “Fawda” Henry, President of UPAD: “The reason why you see us out here is for the fact that the condition that the country is in because of the unions. The unions are calling some actions that we think are very ridiculous. As you see out here the people in the community keep on calling me, calling me and I distract what I had to do across this country to focus more on the Belizean people who are affected from the pandemic until up to now. Today I just want to launch the Union for Development Advance and Prosperity that is our faith of our union, the poor people union. Now all I am saying is that the teachers union and the public service union needs to give the government a chance. The government have only five months. Because they are stating about their 10% and marching through the street because of advice from the opposition. The opposition has had this country in turmoil so we stand together today to ask also if the unions are going to get their 10% all these people want their pantry ASAP. I think that all these people who were suffering for so long deserve to get their pantry. So we are calling upon the government to not answer to that 10% to the unions it is very mischievous of the union, the union don’t stand for people like us and the poor people here but themselves.”