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Newborn baby’s body retrieved from canal

This morning, shortly before nine o’clock, a sanitation worker from the City Council found the body of what appeared to be a full term baby boy. He discovered the baby’s body in a canal near the South Street Bridge. The child had been disposed of in a black plastic bag.

Dalila Ical reporting…
Julian Jimenez, a sanitation worker at the City Council was doing his routine cleaning along this canal is south side Belize City. When he reached the South Street bridge, he came across the lifeless body of a baby. The child, believed to have developed to its full term, was wrapped in a black plastic bag. Jimenez says, at first, judging from the weight of the bag, he thought it was a dead dog but after pulling the bag out of the water he made the disturbing discovery.

Julian Jimenez – Sanitation Worker
“I pulled it out and I noticed it looked different. I was frightened when I saw it.”

“So you thought it was a dog at first?

Julian Jimenez – Sanitation Worker
“Yeah because I found it in the drain so I said let me see what it is. When I saw it was a young baby.
Reporter: Can you say how big it was? Was it a very small baby?

Julian Jimenez – Sanitation Worker
“It was about eight months more or less.”

Immediately after, Jimenez saw a friend, Kyle Perez and called him over. Perez says he was making his way to work in the area.

Kyle Perez – Witness
“Well personally I work along with him he waved his hand and hailed me so I thought that he was giving me something or was asking me for a glass of water or something since the morning was pretty warm. I left from there on this side of the canal and went over the bridge and he told me that something was in the bag. When he told me that something was in the bag he pulled it and when he pulled it he said ‘no’. So I thought it was a puppy that people would normally dispose of and we pulled it unsure the same time the other guy from the other side he was passing by. So he then said ‘people aren’t tired of throwing dead dogs in the canal?’ I told him that it wasn’t a dead dog but that it was a baby because the bag tore when we pulled it with the rake and I saw when the foot fell out. It still had on the umbilical cord, it was a little boy. Apparently it was full grown.”

Perez and Jimenez then called out to a police officer as he was passing by at that moment. They then contacted the police who arrived shortly after along with medical personnel in an ambulance. As one of the first on the scene, Perez says he was able to closely inspect the baby and suspects he was disposed of at another location.
Kyle Perez – Witness
“The body was fresh and air was in the bag and the tide was running from the south up to the north. It didn’t really get time to sink and resurface so it was something that was freshly thrown there because the baby still had on its umbilical cord and everything.”

The residents in the area expressed dismay and some were very upset. No one however, was able to say whether they saw anyone disposing of the plastic bag in the area. We did notice one of the Police Department’s surveillance cameras not too far from the South Street Bridge. Whether it may have captured the perpetrator in the act is yet to be known. Police have not issued any formal report on the matter.