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Newborn has tumor and mom needs help

A family from southern Belize is hoping for positive results in a medical case that started also as an issue with an eye. It was clear to a young mother from San Roman Village that her toddler’s eyes were not the same size. She gave birth two months ago and has recently found out her two-month-old baby has a tumor. Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu reports from San Roman Village.

Harry Arzu: “Baby Zaiden Risedale from San Roman Village here in the Stann Creek District is only two months old and is suffering from a tumor to his right eye. His mother took him to different doctors in the country who recommended that he goes for further treatment abroad. Baby Zaiden’s right eye is smaller than his left eye and if he does not get the appropriate medical care he deserves he might not be able to see from out of that eye. In an effort to take baby Zaiden abroad for medical care his mother will be conducting two fundraising events in the said community to raise the much needed funds for medical expenses. Love News traveled to San Roman Village and spoke with the mother of the child Zianney Trisedale.

Zianney Trisedale: “I found out that he has a tumor in the right eye. I went to Belmopan to do the ultrasound and the ultrasound shows that he has a tumor in his right eye.”

Harry Arzu: “Okay so how did that come about?”

Zianney Trisedale: “ Well they told me that he had it when he was born and so I saw his eye was small and liquid was coming out of his eye so I decided to take him to Dangriga Hospital for a check up and from there they sent me to Belize and the Belize Eye Doctor there told me that he has a tumor but to be sure that what they are saying is true they sent me back to Belmopan to do an ultrasound and the ultrasound shows that it was a tumor that he had in his eye.”

Harry Arzu: “ Okay and what happened next?”

Zianney Trisedale: “They told me to take him to Guatemala or Mexico to go do more exams and then from there they will see if he will need a surgery or if they can just remove the tumor. The Doctor told me that it is expensive and it depends on the treatment and the surgeries of what all we have to do for the baby, if he has to go do an eye exam at another hospital and we have to pay that differently from where we are going so we have to have maybe $10,000 or more to go and pay for everything.

Harry Arzu: “ So do you know if you are going to Merida or Guatemala?”

Zianney Trisedale: “We are going to Merida, we already have papers and everything to go to Merida.”

Harry Arzu: “ When are you leaving?”

Zianney Trisedale: We are leaving this Sunday to take the baby there.”

Harry Arzu: “Okay so are you doing a fundraiser?”

Zianney Trisedale: “Yes we are doing a fundraiser on Thursday with a BBQ sale and we will have a band there. The BBQ on the 20th will be here at my mother’s house in San Roman Village, Stann Creek District and we will have it right here and also we are going to do a dollar drive on that day on Thursday the 20th which will be by the bus stop and on the 21st we will have the dance at the United Community Farmer’s School San Roman.”

Harry Arzu: “Give us some highlights of the dance?”

Zianney Trisedale: “Well for the dance will have different activities and drinks, we will have a raffle that day and the ones who pay to get in the dance will get a ticket and a chance to enter the raffle and also we will have different drinks on sale. Right there people can see the picture of the baby because our family will be wearing our T Shirt with a picture of the baby to show that they are supporting the baby for medical needs and we are not just doing the fundraising to make money but to help the baby.

Harry Arzu: “ Good and if people want to get in contact with you guys how can they reach you?

Vianney Trisedale: “Well they can reach my mother at 6313326 and that is my mother’s phone number Ms. Perenzia Cante.

Harry Arzu: “Reporting for Love News from San Roman Village I am Harry Arzu.”

You can reach the baby’s grandmother at 631-3326 to help them in any way you can. The family will travel to Merida for a medical consultation on Sunday.