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Newly Elected Dangriga Representative Denies Allegations Made Against Him

As with any election campaign, there will be the allegations of wrong doings coming out to discredit candidates.  The recent bi-election in Dangriga proved no different as allegations were made against the UDP candidate Frank Pawpa Mena as they relate to visa hustling among other things.  We did get the opportunity to ask Mena to respond to those allegations and he did so just after his pre-election rally on Tuesday night.


“Well this is a political campaign and I haven’t spent my time arguing with anybody but if anybody asked me for assistance I will give that assistance and I will continue to give the assistance. I haven’t compromised myself for anybody and so if these assumptions that I have compromised myself then that is on them. I haven’t compromised myself and I will forever never compromise myself. My parents and my family have sacrificed so much to make me who I am and I have made the sacrifice I cannot afford to compromise it unlike others who would want to compromise it that is the bottom line.” 

With a lively crowd present at the rally, dressed in their red, we also asked Mena if those present were paid to be out there particularly since one of the main cries of the opposition is that monies were floating in the UDP campaign.


“It would be nice to ask them if it is a rent-a-crowd. These people who are out here, believe in me; they know what I stand for.  I haven’t done my politics starting today, the Pawpa that you see today is the Pawpa that has always existed and so nobody needs to coach me as to what to be, this is what I am. Unlike others who are being coached on how to talk and how to walk and what to say nobody can coach me, what you see is what you get so the people that are out here are not a rent-a-crowd, the people that are out here believe in me, know what I can deal with, know what I am about this is not a rent-a-crowd.” 

In the end, despite the allegations, Mena did claim victory after he received six hundred and thirty seven votes more than his opponent, Anthony Sabal.