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NGC keeping Garinagu’s culture alive

The National Garifuna Council (NGC) was formed to help keep the culture alive and improve the livelihood of Garinagu. Sandra Miranda, President of the NGC spoke with Love News about some of the accomplishments of the NGC over the years.

Sandra Miranda – President of NGC: We’ve done a lot of promoting the culture at home and abroad because we have had linkages with other organizations and we promote the council and what Dangriga stands for their culture. We have managed to send groups outside of Belize to promote the culture so we have done things in Belize well beside the 19th of November because everybody know 19th of November so we have support other cultural activities throughout Belize so I think that municipal primary school; that’s an NGC school we continue to support and I am very proud of the children Fulicy Primary school. It means that we can retrieve our culture and we can continue to preserve through these children. We also have a free sent about the Cassava demonstration processing center that was through a project that I wrote to the Australian Dericade Program and that will help into training young people on how to sell the Cassava bread that they need to sell to improve their economic statues in the area. During my time we started fun raising because NGC does not have that amount of money to do what we need to do so we started the gala and so we have an annual black white and yellow and that’s in October and I hope that if I am not reelected who so ever is president that that continues because it is a major fund raiser for the national Garifuna Council.”

Miranda has been the president of the NGC since 2016 and her tenure ends later this month when the council has its election. Miranda spoke to Love News about her plans if re-elected.

Sandra Miranda – President of NGC: If I am to be reelected we continue to do our dialogue on Garifuna lands because it is very important for us because we were farmers, our ancestors are famers without the land that we cannot continue to follow in our traditional farms so we continue with that dialogue. If we don’t do nothing about our language preservation within the next ten to twenty years Garifuna language will hardly be spoken, there will only be a few people who can fluently speak and understand Garifuna and that is not something that I would want to see.”

Are there any thoughts to publishing a newsletter?

Sandra Miranda – President of NGC: “Actually yes the plan is that is one of the projects I would want to sought that we can get a project to help us with equipment provide a monthly newsletter. The plan is to do a monthly newsletter and in the past NGC had that before but for some reason I am not sure what’s wrong but we want to source the equipment so we can do it from the office.”

The NGC convention takes place next week in Dangriga.