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NGO awards scholarships to Bethel Primary School

Students of Bethel Primary school today received a small scholarship from the Children First and Last Belize, a nongovernmental organization that focuses on providing support to children in education and health care. Secretary Patricia Lamb says that each year the NGO tries to do a project focusing on children. This year, they chose to lend a hand to the students of Bethel Primary School in Belize City.


Patricia Lamb – Secretary, CFAL Belize

“Bethel Primary School is getting a school fees scholarship from CFAL Belize. A couple of our members came by some months ago and did a walk through with the principal and in talking to him found that there is some need for assistance for some of the students going here. School fees has been an issue, because of it some of the children have not been coming to school consistently. She discussed it with the members of the club and we decided that we needed to help, we could not just hear a story like that and not do something.  We decided that we were going to offer seventeen school fees scholarships for seventeen deserving students. We decided to leave that decision in terms of who is awarded up to the principal and his team because they would know who needs it most. Our goal here today is to hand over the cheque for these scholarships for the first year. The cheque is for just over seven hundred dollars. The school fee may seem nominal but when you think about people who have to decide whether they put food on the table or pay school fees, the decision is obvious. So it is for the school fee on an annual basis.”

School Principal Edward Logan said that they have already chosen the recipients.


Edward Logan – Principal, Bethel Primary School

“We have selected the seventeen recipients. We looked at need first and foremost and among those with need we do have some who are quality workers and high achievers but for the most part even they have financial considerations. Therefore it is not the process of just giving for achievement it is mostly for covering the need that they have.

Dalila Ical

“Is it a serious problem that you are seeing, is it something that happens year after year with the children?”

Edward Logan – Principal, Bethel Primary School

“Yes, it is something that we have to face. Many parents don’t come through with this part of the process and even thought it sounds like a small amount, if they leave it year after year it accumulates.  Therefore we are looking at the gesture of CFAL organization to give and we were surprised that they are saying it is on a continuous basis for those recipients because we thought it would only be a onetime donation.”

In order for the seventeen recipients to keep the scholarship year after year, they are required to show improvements in their grades.  The organization opened six years ago with six volunteers. They have provided assistance to children with various needs including providing Christmas lunches to families, funds for the Belize Pediatric Cancer Fund, small donations to schools and they even provide scholarships for high school students.