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NICH comments on BSCAP

The National Institute of Culture and History says it is saddened at the state of affairs that is on-going with BSCAP and the now Ex-CEO Shyne Barrow since the situation destabilizes the movement towards copyright and fair economic rewards for our Musicians.  NICH says it is very supportive of copyright and artist development in Belize and has long been a licensee of BSCAP. NICH reiterates that copyright and related rights are essential to musicians and their creativity and it is important to respect and give creators incentives in the form of recognition through fair economic rewards for their creative works. NICH is calling for an immediate annual general meeting where certified and audited financials will be presented by the Board of BSCAP to the membership. This would create an opportunity for objective and independent examination of the financials that are being called into question. NICH says it is concerned that the current situation has decreased the confidence of musicians in Belize and additionally, grossly affects the international profile of Belize and our position with copyright affiliates; damaging the Industry and Artistic Development work that has been ongoing.