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NICH Launches Competition for September Celebrations Official Theme and Logo

The National Institute of Culture and History has launched the theme and logo competition for the upcoming September celebrations. Kim Vasquez, program officer at the Institute of Creative Arts, discussed with our newsroom the competitions’ criteria.

Kim Vasquez, Program Officer, Institute of Creative Arts: “So what’s going on is that you know every year when the celebrations are coming around people look forward to theme competition, well this year we actually have two competitions. We have the annual theme competition for the September Celebrations and we also have another competition for a logo. A logo design for the National Celebrations Commission.”

Reporter: Can you tell us maybe some of the components that you guys are looking at ? What exactly is entailed in this competition ? 

Kim Vasquez, Program Officer, Institute of Creative Arts: “Sure the deadline for submissions is the 25th of June and for the theme competition the main criteria is that it must no more than ten words and entries are open to children, to youths, to adults there is no age limit and you can submit multiple entries and the cash prize for that competition is $1,000 for the winner. Where the logo competition is concerned the design for a new logo for the National Celebrations Commission again there is no age limit that means that you can submit an amateur design in the form of a sketch or a drawing or you can submit a digital design. The main criteria is that is must not be more than three colors and you can drop off the entries for both competitions here at the Government House House of Culture or you can send them in by email to the National Celebrations Commission; the email for that is and you can submit multiple entries as I said and the cash prize for the logo competition is also $1,000.

Vasquez also noted that the NCC is in the preliminary stage of planning for this year’s upcoming September celebrations and it is her hope that with low COVID-19 numbers the commission will be allowed to have hybrid events. Belize is marking the fortieth anniversary of Belize’s Independence and the two hundred twenty-third anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye.