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NICH puts Local Artists on the Map

Belize has been exporting sugar, oranges, and now, musical artists.  Today, BELTRAIDE launched a musical platform in the form of a website, where local artist can be found and this platform was handed over to NICH.  Export Promotion Officer at Export Belize, BELTRAIDE, Shawna Arnold, spoke to Love News about the initiative.

Shawna Arnold

“Export Belize, one of the technical units one of the technical units at BELTRAIDE, launched and handed over the National Artist platform. We have been working intimately with the music industry of Belize in assisting six musicians in developing their electronic press kits. As a furtherment from that, we decided to better promote artist through an artist platform. So with that, we got to work in developing the artist platform with the assistance of a consultant. Today we launched the platform and we handed it over to NICH through a Memorandum of Cooperation at which point now NICH will be responsible for the update of this platform and the monitoring and registration of artists. Export Belize will still be doing their part or their promotional part in trying to garner international publicity for the artist through the platform. This includes music festivals, thought the embassies and consulates that we work intimately with. This also includes national publicity as well. This is through hotels and other national festivals.”

Today’s initiative was launched with six artists with the hopes of attracting much more.

Shawna Arnold

“We work with six artists we had a project earlier in the year where we develop electronic press kits for six artists. This includes Sam Harris and the World Culture Band, Clayton C-Wills Williams, Denise Castillo, Ernestine Carballo, Larubeya Band, and Cucunu Bwai. We have these six artists on the platform already. We have their photos up, we have their videos up there and their information is up already. They have logins, they are free to go in and update the information; the post of any upcoming performances that they will be at. We have six of them up their already and we are hoping for that number to increase.”

Arnold went on to explain how this platform will help our Tourism Industry.

Shawna Arnold

“Part of our Tourism Industry is music and tourist coming into Belize, or before they even come to Belize they may hear of this platform. Like I said we’re hoping to push this platform internationally. We just had Denise Castillo and Cucunu Bwai attend Expo-Spana in Kazakhstan and people there will know the platform and we are hoping that this will then garnish some interest in coming to Belize, listening to the music and coming to Belize and being a part of that music and being able to see firsthand the culture that music brings to it. The drums, the marimba, different things like that we are hoping that it can bring.”

NICH has the responsibility to monitor and sign up artists. The website is