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NICH to Host Resilidance

After two years of not having any dance shows at the Bliss Institute, several of the dance companies have come together to promote dance education in Belize. This event comes in light of the renovations that have been done to the dance studio. The Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) has partnered with four of the dance companies to showcase the dancers under the theme Resilidance. Owner of the AfroDance Formatuion, Crysel Gabourel highlighted what the audience should be expecting at the show.

Modern Dance Movement Representative: For this night, you’re going to be seeing modern contemporary and a bit of Acro Dance because acrobatic dance is a new genre that we’ve added to our curriculum since last year and our students have been learning to bend themselves into different contortions through proper training.”

While some dance companies were kept off the stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Modern Dance Company took their performances to virtual platforms. Director of the Modern Dance Company, Jaylan Craig, explained how her students are preparing for their first live performance.

Jaylan Craig, Director, Modern Dance Movement Representative: “Now that we are able to host live performances, it is a completely different experience, especially for my students who have been just working towards prerecorded virtual. It is now live with some audience in the theatre with you. It is a little bit more nerve racking than rather having someone recording you and then getting the chance to edit. Modern Dance Movement will be offering a ballet piece and a modern piece and I do believe that the modern piece, what lies ahead, is a very serious dance for us to become more thoughtful of where we have been during the pandemic and also moving forward.”

The event will be taking place at the Institute of Creative Arts on April 1 and 2, 2022.