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NICH Vehicle was purchased by Interim President

The in-house auditor Roberto Matus refused to show up at the press conference to address the errors that he made, which left the Associate Director of Finance to review NICH’s finances. One of the allegations made by the draft audit was that the President was perhaps illicitly taking more fuel than allowed, and for vehicles which were not permitted to take fuel. It turns out that she didn’t purchase a vehicle; it was the interim president Greg Vernon who made that deal. And regarding the allegations about missing fuel or fuel way over budget, Love News found out that was also fake news.

Jose Sanchez: A vehicle for Budhrani’s use was purchased under Interim President Greg Vernon but her fuel cards remained open for two wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles to be used across the country.

Greg Vernon, Institute of Creative Arts: “She arrived with her private vehicle where we issued her a card and she had two beautiful, nice vehicles that two made one and so it was family vehicles that she was using a that time to traverse to Belmopan and to the archaeological sites and so that card had to remain open. On her vehicle that was purchased for the Niche fleet for her duties as administrator she still remain with that vehicle as president. Once we are moving around and she needs to move in four wheel drive vehicles as well as two wheel drive vehicles moving around the country and so those cards remain open. Archilogics have the same card because we have a fleet of vehicles.”

Reporter: “She doesn’t drive ber herself right?”

Greg Vernon, Institute of Creative Arts: She does, there is no driver assigned to the president nor to administrator of NICH. We drive ourself.

Jose Sanchez: “And regarding the allegations that $60,000 gallons of fuel went over budget, the associate director of finance said they were under budget with fuel use.”

Associate Director of Finance, Edwin Alvarado: “The actuals as presented before for that line is 85,746.45 so that means that we were actually under the budget by 5453.55.”

Jose Sanchez: “All the errors came at the hands of the internal auditor who was pursuing a bachelors in Theology in 2014 with the understanding he would change his field of study.”

Roosevelt Blades:The files show that he was supposed to acquire the necessary skill set pertaining to the job. He was asked and given another opportunity by the board to get the necessary studies so we believe that it is only fair if you are running an institution that you want to build capacity within the institution within the different fields and NICH  has done that for several auditor employees and so he was asked in a sub committee meeting to please ensure and he gave us that assurance that he would have enrolled in a program and get the necessary accreditation that he need to perform his duties but we were made to understand now that he hasn’t done any of that.”