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Nicholas Busted with Crack Cocaine on East Canal

Fifty-two year old Calbert Nicholas, an unemployed of Tibruce Street, appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, for having one point four grams of crack cocaine and was charged possession of controlled drugs instead of drug trafficking. Nicholas pled guilty to the charge. He was fined two hundred dollars and he was ordered to pay forthwith. He was also ordered to pay fines amounting to one thousand one hundred and twenty dollars for which payment is outstanding. He was unable to pay so he was taken to prison where he will serve three months for the fine he got today. The sentences for the fines amounting to one thousand one hundred and twenty dollars will run concurrently with the sentence of three months. Nicholas was busted around 11 o’clock last night. The police were on mobile patrol on East Collet Canal Street when they saw Nicholas coming out of a known drug selling area. When Nicholas saw the police he threw two packets on the ground. The packets were retrieved by the police and when they were opened they contained crack cocaine. When weighed the drugs amounted to one point four grams.