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Nigel Petillo Says Politicians Lie

Petillo’s bluster on Facebook was not limited to just the lands issue in Belize. As a matter of fact, he went even further to call out the politicians and members of this current administration on their behavior. He says the politicians are only friendly and easy going when an election is near. Here is a snippet of Petillo’s live commentary.

Nigel Petillo, Land Activist: “Politicians they say a lot and we know this. Every Time before election they come and they say exactly what it is we want to hear. All we need to now is remind them of those same things that they’ve been saying. Right now we’re in the middle of pandemic and a very serious issue. The government today had all the answers while they were in opposition. We accepted a lot of those things there, we were hoping that they would come in and do what it is they said they would do. In fact the blue plan spoke about in the first year of being in office they would have already created about 20,000 jobs. In the first week or first month of them coming in so many people got fired. So we have that right to pressure the government, we have the right to ask them questions. We have the right to point out certain things to the government. Now we tend to be afraid to talk, a lot of people don’t want to say anything because everybody hopes that the government will deal with them personally or make things happen for your in your life – no, that’s not how they operate alright? If you’re not in that immediate circle you can throw that through the window.”