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Nigel Petillo, Land Activist

Nigel Petillo Sets Sight on Maya Mopan

Land Activist Nigel Petillo continues his advocacy for Belizeans to acquire land.  Petillo explained to our Cayo Correspondent that he has identified a new area in Belmopan that he wants to get subdivided for distribution.  We join Fem Cruz for the story.

Fem Cruz, Correspondent:  Former Belize Grassroots Empowerment Member Nigel Petillo is saying to Love News that he has identified a couple acres of land in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan but has some serious concerns. Petillo spoke to Love News about the land and the concerns:

Nigel Petillo, Land Activist: “As a resident of Belmopan, I am very concerned. I want to understand how one man could come to Belmopan about two or three months ago and be facilitated with over two hundred acres of land. We are talking about one man, when we are quite aware of this land pandemic that we have been going through for the past decade. Other than that, UB, UB owns about a thousand acres of land in this area; Belmopan reserve land. Why does UB need a thousand acres of land and the same said thousand acres of land is already being settled by people in the area as well. This is the method that works for the grassroots man. This is how many of us have to get land. Apart from that we have located some national land in the area that is actually under the management of RECONDEV. We want to know who is RECONDEV, we want to access that land, Belmopan needs land. I have six children; none of my children own any land in Belmopan. Myself I do not own any piece of land in Belmopan and I want to ensure that we can have land in Belmopan. So, while we are being obedient, while we are waiting on the authority, while we are waiting for the politician to come to us, they are signing off on our lands. They are signing off our lands in huge sizes of a hundred acres, fifty acres, two hundred acres and then in some cases people take the land, develop it and sell us it back for forty thousand dollars for a house lot so I am very concerned about what is taking place here Brother Fem, hence this reason why I am here and why am inviting people to be here on Saturday morning eight am and Sunday. We will continue to register our discontent the way that land is being distributed in this country.

Petillo led a charge some years ago for the acquisition of land in an area now known as Harmonyville.  He attempted a second round of advocacy for land in Cotton Tree Village, but was forced to back down as the land is privately owned.